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Trusses are pre-engineered open web steel joist or structural wide flange design manufactured from minimum 50ksi material. Standard truss heights range from 8” to 14” with larger profiles available to meet increased loading and deflection requirements. Truss lengths typically range from 8’ – 20’ and are adjusted accordingly to meet your exact location requirements. Special long span trusses are also available.

Columns typically range from 3”sq. – 6” sq. H.S.S. and are designed to suit specific loading conditions. Customer is advised to check the conditions of existing concrete slab and sub base to ensure adequacy. Footing design is available at an additional fee if required.

Handrails are standard 42” high and manufactured from H.S.S. materials. Our unique vertical picket design complete with 5” kick plate meets current Provincial and Municipal building regulations.

Stair Cases are constructed using rigid structural components and can be designed for direct of side entry to the mezzanine platform. Egress calculations are used to determine the quantity and placement of stair sets for each project. Intermediate landings must be installed for any mezzanines with a top of deck height over 12’-0”

Gates are available in variety of designs for easy loading of the mezzanine.

Flooring options include corrugated galvanized roof deck with plywood or checker plate, rod and bar grating, open steel plank and Mezz-Tread