Keep your fleet snow free and safe this season!


Designed for safety, Scraper Systems™ FleetPlows are North America’s best-selling truck and bus-top snow, slush and ice removal machines.

  • Designed for fast, effortless, and low-maintenance operation in the harshest of winter conditions.
  • Proven, patented snow scraper machines, continuously improved and made in the USA since 1998.
  • Superior performance evidenced by countless repeat orders from our multi-location customers all over North America.
  • Reliable local service provided by our North American dealer network.
  • Effective and safe for most types of vehicles and roofs, including translucent roofs and sea containers – at any legal height.
  • Brush-style FleetPlow passes safely and effectively over bus escape hatches, strobe lights and other irregularities, as well as tarped trailers.
  • Range of models and automation that will match your snow removal machine specific requirements.


If you face brutal winters, season after season – FleetPlow’s dependable lineup of Heavy Duty automated snow scraper systems can get your trailers back on the road, storm after storm. Our most popular system for snow removal from tractor trailers roofs, HD model 440T, is portable, allowing you to easily relocate or reclaim space in your yard after the snow season ends.

  • Automated snow removal for larger fleets
  • Removes 24 inches of wet, heavy snow in less than 30 seconds, up to 60 vehicles per hour
  • Available with OneTAP™ Full Automation


For areas with fewer snowfalls over 12 inches, our Medium-Duty snow scraper system for trucks provides portability and everything you need to keep your fleet moving. With a footprint half the size of our portable Heavy-Duty models, our Medium-Duty FleetPlow delivers performance, durability and reliability at a lower cost.

  • Efficient snow removal for smaller fleets or fewer snow falls.
  • Clears 12 inches of snow in less than 30 seconds per vehicle.
  • Budget-friendly

FleetPlow is your solution for safe school bus snow removal.

FleetPlow™ from Scraper Systems automates the snow removal process to clear snow from bus, van, or transit fleets without putting employees at risk. Designed for fast, efficient and low-maintenance snow removal, our snow scraper systems are safer and more cost-effective than other snow removal systems for buses. FleetPlow portable snow scraping models can be relocated easily to reclaim space after winter has ended. FleetPlow’s automatic scraper systems remove snow from the roofs of your buses to keep vehicles moving, passengers on schedule and employees safe.

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