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Storage Solutions: Charging Station Lockers

In industries that require staff to use ventilation helmets, radios or specialty tools, a big issue is trying to keep these items secure and charged. Traditional lockers don’t offer a power source and most are solid metal with little ventilation.

Charging Station Lockers offer the ideal solution for multiple industries where secure, well ventilated storage is required. Each full vented compartment comes complete with a duplex receptacle for plugging in two electrical devices. With an output of 120V and 18 Amps, the Charging Station Locker is fully capable of charging a variety of items from laptops to respiratory hard hats.

The standard size of a 5 tier locker is 24”W x 88”H x 24”D. Constructed of 16ga. sheet metal with 3” recessed back panels, that houses the electrical wiring, and sloping tops to allow for access to the electrical work. Each locker is ESA approved upon completed installation. Options of hardwiring or plug-in connections are available, as well as other locker configurations and sizes.

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Charging Station Lockers Flyer

Charging Station Lockers