Colson Casters provides a large, complete line of casters designed for today’s complex industrialinstitutional, and healthcare applications. From hospital beds and advanced diagnostic equipment, to complicated material handling carts, and production equipment operating in harsh environments, Colson offers a caster that will improve the performance and serviceability of your carts and equipment. In fact, many of Colson caster models require little or no maintenance, thereby saving you downtime and money.

Colson products are engineered to provide maximum Ergonomic Advantage™ as a result of innovative design and engineering of caster and wheel products that incorporates the latest in precision bearing technology and proprietary non-marking, easy rolling wheel tread material. Colson casters require very little effort to push, pull, and maneuvre, and roll easily on a variety of floor surfaces.



Caster Showcase



Colson caster models feature many new and unique caster designs that operate from high temp environments, to sanitary conditions in food processing industries, to tow-line applications in the ever changing automotive production environment.  Colson casters are not only easy for use by maintenance service technicians, production operators, and health care providers, but will also improve the appearance of your equipment and extend its operating life cycle.



Colson Casters offer a very large selection of mounting platesstem designsexpander adapters, and bolt hole fittings to meet the needs of industry application areas. As well, “cutting edge” plastic and stainless steel casters are available from the multi-brand product mix offered by Colson Group Canada, Inc.