Gas Cylinder Storage

Proper gas cylinder storage is crucial for workplace safety. Gas cylinders contain a wide range of substances, from flammable gases like propane to hazardous materials like compressed oxygen or toxic chemicals. Incorrect storage can lead to leaks, explosions, or exposure to dangerous gases, posing significant risks to employees and the workplace. To ensure safety, cylinders should always be stored in well-ventilated areas away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and flammable materials. They must be kept upright and secured with appropriate restraints to prevent tipping or falling.

Furthermore, cylinders should be labeled clearly to indicate their contents, and employees should be trained to recognize the different hazard classes. Proper signage and storage segregation based on gas compatibility can also prevent accidental reactions between incompatible gases. Regular inspections, including checking for damage, corrosion, or faulty valves, should be part of a comprehensive safety program. Ultimately, adhering to strict gas cylinder storage guidelines minimizes the risk of accidents, safeguards employees, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, promoting a safer work environment.

Gas Cylinder Hand Trucks - Due to their weight, high-pressure contents, and unwieldy shape, industrial gas cylinders require a specially designed hand truck to minimize accidents and injuries. Constructed of 1" and 1.25" diameter steel tube with continuous welding, these hand trucks provides optimum safety, strength and longevity.

Gas Cylinder Barricade Racks - Recommended for indoor or outdoor bulk cylinder storage, barricade racks surround cylinders with 2" square steel structural tubing, continuously seam welded at all junction points and sealed with exterior grade powder-coat paint for long lasting strength, durability and dependability.


Cylinder Forklift Pallets - Transport multiple gas cylinders securely with a forklift using these end-load oriented pallets. Constructed from 11-gauge hot-rolled steel and powder-coated to ensure longevity and chemical resistance, these pallets include high strength, fully enclosed 7.75" wide forklift channels with two way access.



Cylinder Locker & Cabinet Combo - offer superior features that make them extremely durable and easy-to-use. Constructed of 100% welded aluminum, they will not rust, corrode or discolor. Welded security lug on front panel door accepts a padlock (not included) for extra protection. Heavier gauge aluminum mesh and extruded (not bent) frame add rigidity. All models have an exclusive solid aluminum roof panel that slants toward the back to shed water and ice. Eleven modular styles provide an efficient, attractive solution to expand multi-cabinet storage.

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