Mobile Partitions


Mobile Partitions

5500 Series – Paired Panels

Beautiful on the outside, efficient on the inside. Mobile partition panels are the perfect blend of engineering and design. Small details make them pleasing to the eye, while innovative design ensures unmatched performance. Easy to move manually, paired panels fold in groups of two and can be stacked at either end of the central track.

Application examples: Offices | Conference rooms | Schools

Series 5600 – Single panels

When additional flexibility is required, omni-directional panels can be reconfigured easily. The system makes it possible to move individual panels on multiple axis, following tracks laid in a straight line, curve or even a cross. As long as panels remain on the same floor, they can be moved along a track of any distance, whether for stacking or storage.

Application examples: Hotels | Convention rooms | Universities


5900 Series – Motorized Partitions

Panels can be deployed or stored at the end of the track with the press of a button. This unique system provides each panel with its own trolley, improving performance.

Application examples: Gymnasiums | Theaters | Any large-scale projects

Performance plus partitions

Performance Plus partitions feature a continuous surface, which can be embellished by an extensive choice of textures, supporting your design while creating an efficient workspace.

Application examples: Auditoriums | Conference rooms | Rehearsing rooms

Self-supporting unispan system

This system makes it possible to install an operable partition within an existing building. The structure can be assembled on site, making viable what could otherwise be impossible.

Application examples: Any project within an existing construction or featuring limited access

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