Gym Mats

Gym Mats

"Varsity" type carpet

Our 2 '' lightweight polyurethane foam gymnastics mat is primarily used by elementary schools and budget programs.

Excellent as basic tumbling surfaces and exercise mats.


Multipurpose rugs

Our 2 "gymnastics mat made from all-purpose rebound foam. The mat provides a soft, dense surface.

Usually used as a tumbling and exercise mat.


Multidisciplinary mat - Gymnastics

Our lightweight 2 3/8 "gymnastics mat with combined foam (1 3/8" cross-linking foam + 1 "polyurethane). Absorbent and resilient.

Mats provide extra reassurance when learning new tumbling techniques.


Multidisciplinary mat - Martial arts

Our 2.25 "learning mat made of 1 3/8" crosslinked foam and 1 "rebound foam creating an absorbent and resilient surface.

These mats provide additional assurance when learning new movements.


Competition mat

Designed and manufactured for advanced cheerleading and gymnastics programming.


Martial arts mats

Our 2 "cross-link foam martial arts mat is ideal for all martial arts styles. Provides a stable, shock-absorbing surface.

Great for fights, grabs and drops.


Upper mats

Our lightweight 1 3/8 "gymnastics mat with combination foam (1 3/8" reticulated foam). Absorbent and resilient.

Mats provide extra reassurance when learning new tumbling techniques.

Crash Pole Mat

Pole fitness and pole dance classes are becoming mainstream fitness programs in gyms and other fitness studios around the world.

To meet the growing demand for custom padding for pole dance exercises, we have developed a comprehensive range of pole fitness padding products to fill the growing niche.


Sleeping mattress

Our durable multi-purpose mat used in educational institutions around the world. Constructed using our ILD putty and complete with four reinforced handles, this is the perfect solution to your general gym mat requirements.

Acrobatic barrel shaped mattress

Its name describes its use well. Used in a variety of ways, this mattress is ideal for hiding indoors, rolling over, or throwing over, being used to teach hand-eye coordination, perspective, balance and motor skills.  




These padded stairs are great for improving motor skill development as they can also be used to secure access to tall structures like balance beams and other mattresses used for development.


Back spin

For doing backward pirouettes, this type of mattress is ideal for this purpose. These shapes are perfect for doing a back pirouette.




Similar to the letterbox, these eight-sided shapes are also fantastic for developing basic skills, balance and coordination.

Letter box

Offered in different heights and widths, its mailbox accessories in different shapes are ideal for developing your skills needed for backspins, diving rolls and basic skill developments.


Flat mattress and support

Climbing, body positioning and crunches are just a few of the activities that this unique range of foam mattress shapes can use. Place the flat mattress support in place for flexing or jumping exercises, or remove it to roll, climb, or jump over the flat mattress.

Foam dome mattress

Another versatile option is the foam dome mattress which can be used for toddlers and older children who are new to gymnastics. Used for climbing by young children, these domes can also be used for future gymnasts, to teach them balance with a safe mattress for stretching.


Donut shaped mattress and donut filler

This versatile option helps develop children's motor skills during different activities. Used together individually, shapes are used to roll, match or climb on them. 


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