Bleachers, Benches, and Seating


Telescopic Bleachers -  a type of stadium seating made up of separate pieces that can be moved to create a variable amount of seating depending on need. When not in use, these types of seats fold into a single row.

Equipment World can offer a variety of sizes when it comes to retractable, telescopic bleachers as well as portable options and custom, durable graphic applications. We can also offer telescopic bleachers specifically designed for aquatic centres. These feature a galvanized steel understructure and are resistant to the high-humidity environment present in pool facilities.


Arena Bleachers - whether a small local arena or a large spectator facility, we have a variety of seating solutions to suit your budget & requirements. Styles such as telescopic bleachers, i-beam and angle frame. Typical systems feature a hot-dip galvanized steel framework and a variety of seating options.


  • - Durable long lasting system
  • - Semi-closed and closed-deck design prevents debris from collecting beneath the unit
  • - Systems can be configured to accomodate penalty boxes, dasher board doors and column cut-outs
  • - No corrosion


  • - Closed deck
  • - Multiple seat finishes
  • - Custom engineering
  • - Powder coating
  • - Custom row spacing and rises
  • - Accessible seating platforms and ramp configurations

When refurbishing an existing concrete riser, existing bleacher system or looking at a whole new system, there are many seat finishes available.


Tip & Roll Bleachers - perfect for indoor auxilliary seating requirements. These mobile bleachers rest on non-marring rubber foot pads, which protect your hardwood gymnasium floor and keep the unit in place. These lightweight aluminum bleachers are tipped easily on their swivel casters for movement, while caster brakes prevent the unit from moving when in storage.


  • - Allows for seating on demand
  • - Can be used in multiple locations for different user groups
  • - Fits through a standard single doorway
  • - Does not require a guardrail due to its reduced seat height
  • - Won't cause any scruffs or damage to the floor


Accessible Bleachers & Ramps - we can adapt and design environments that enable access, foster inclusion, eliminate barriers, offer the highest level of safety and ease of use. The goal is to provide a safe and inclusive experience for everyone utilizing these bleacher systems.


Bleacher Transportation, Maintenance & Accessories

Bleacher Sleepers - when pouring a concrete pad is not an option for your installation, we recommend the use of the high density polyethylene sleeper system. These 2' x 6' recycled boards are easily fastened to the underside of your stringer frame and provide better weight distribution. In addition to preventing shifting, the sleeper system will also help facility staff minimize damage to turf surfaces when moving your bleachers.

Wheel & Tounge Kits - one of these kits can be used on multiple bleachers; simply remove and put onto the next one to tow. Alternatively for increased convenience, you can opt to purchase more than one for quicker hook-ups & mobilization.

Bleacher Tow Kitscontain bracing to strengthen the bleacher for towing, leaving less room for any bowing or dragging, thus making it easy to have seating at the horse ring one night and at the grandstand the next. When a tow kit is purchased, you will require the wheel & tongue kit. This can be purchased for each bleacher with a tow kit, or to be more economical, one wheel & tongue kit can be used on multiple bleachers.




Bleacher Chair - The compact design allows for a comfortable lumbar support which alleviates the pain associated with sitting on a standard bench. Constructed of durable high-impact polypropylene and guaranteed for 3 years of UV-colour resistance; a cost-effective seating option for any application. The chair installs easily into concrete, aluminum, or wood benches and is perfect for new construction or for retrofits of existing facilities.


Bleacher Seatpan - If you are looking for a cost effective way to upgrade your bleachers but simply don't have the room to add backrests the seatpan is the product for you. The seatpan adds comfort, seat identification, and color to your bleachers at a low price point. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders.



HDPE Bench Seating - Simple bench seating constructed of high-density polyethylene, made with recycled plastic.


Permanent Player Benches - These permanent benches (anchored in concrete) are perfect for baseball, soccer and football shelters. Available with or without backrests. Custom designs available upon request.

Portable Player Benches - Portable benches for when your team is on the go. These can be used both indoors and outdoors. Standard features include angled aluminum crotch. Plates and backs in anodically oxidized aluminum. Several sizes available. Available with or without backrests.



Hide-A-Bench - The space-saving folding aluminum seat is ideal for gyms and other spaces that need a small number of temporary seating. Permanently attached to most flat surfaces, from a stowed position, these benches will extend to a length of less than six (6) inches from the wall. Easily deployed or folded by one person, these seats are well suited for churches, recreation centers, elementary schools, hotels, rehabilitation centers and many other establishments.


Recycled Plastic Benches - Made from high quality recycled plastic and reinforced with stainless steel, these plastic bans are versatile enough to be used in different environments. Being sturdy and unbreakable, these benches are found in locker rooms, swimming pools, gyms, parks and arenas. Different styles and sizes available such as, regular or large seating widths, wall-mounted, and with or without backrests.


Concealed Benches - Very practical with its combination of bench and storage box, the bench-trunk is made to last. It is made of heavy-duty plastic, an aluminum frame with pneumatic support arms and rubber-covered legs. Close the lid and you have a bench where everyone can rest.


Grandstands (Angle Frame & I-Beam) - The #1 choice for racetracks, stadiums and entertainment venues throughout the country. The clear span steel beam understructure provides for a variety of uses from restrooms and concession stands to storage, dressing facilities, walkways and more. This tough and versatile design is available with a variety of decking, seating and railing options to best suit your individual needs. We work with you to develop press boxes, custom stairs and accessible ramps to meet all of your egress and site requirements.


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