Safety Marking Tape

Ultra Durable Polyester

Floor Marking Tape

Tuff Mark® polyester floor marking tapes provide a long-lasting solution for marking floors, aisles, walkways, and workflow in your facilities. This extra-tough, low profile, easy to apply Floor Marking product is made with thick polyester materials making this tape highly durable, as well as abrasion and chemical resistant.

The rigid construction makes this tape easy to install as well as easy to clean and maintain. The aggressive adhesive will bond to most floors making this tape resistant to tearing, wrinkling, or lifting even under heavy forklift traffic. Once applied, the low profile design makes this tape a great choice for use in areas with the forklift, hand truck, or pedestrian traffic. Removes from most floor surfaces cleanly without chipping, tearing, or leaving unsightly adhesive residue.  Tuff Mark® is available in a wide selection of sizes and can be customized with a printed message or specific color.  Try using with our Tuff Mark® Lean/5S markers for additional functionality.

Tuff Mark® Standards: 


  • ANSI Standard Z535.1 for color

  • Average dry BPN: 125 (Dynamic slip resistance using ASTM E303-93 (2013) pendulum test method)

  • Average dry dynamic coefficient of friction: Overall average: Dry 0.60

  • ANSI A137.1 flooring slip resistance test (Dry)���



Ultra Durable Floor Marking Tape

Hazard Warning Stripe

Conformable & Laminated Tape

Our most popular conformable PVC Hazard Warning Tapes. These tapes will quickly bring attention to any workplace hazard. Made of conformable vinyl film with an rubber adhesive system, these tapes will adhere to most any clean, dry surface. Tape has a smooth, semi-matte surface. Great product for use on floors, walls, pipes and equipment.

We take our PVC Hazard Marking Tape and apply a durable, clear laminating film on top. The smooth gloss finish will resist wear and is easily cleaned. The over lamination improves the ability of the tape to withstand heavy abrasion. The gloss surface also adds a premium “finished” look to your application.


Hazard Warning Conformable & Laminated Tape

Duct Tape

Yellow/Black Hazard Stripe

Yellow/black hazard stripe duct tape can be applied to uneven surfaces and conform around cylinders or other irregular shapes. This makes it ideal for marking less typical areas when identifying potential hazards.


Easy to rip by hand when quickly marking areas, equipment or machinery. The heavy duty adhesive bonds to almost any clean dry surface and temperately re-positionable.

Hazard & Safety Glow Tape

Our Glow-in-the-Dark Tapes will “GLOW” 6+ hours. This product comes with an aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that will adhere to most any clean, dry surface.

Please see data sheets on our website for complete details of specifications and standards.


  • DIN 67510

  • ASTM E2072-14

  • ISO 15370

  • EU Marine Equipment Directive

  • IMO Resolution A. 752 (18)

  • PSPA Class B���


Plain version - Complies with International Fire Code, Section 1025.4 Self-luminous and photoluminescent, Standard ASTM E2072.

���Photoluminescent products require a light source to absorb energy and will then glow when the light source is removed. Common uses would include marking walls, stairs, handrails, exits and safety equipment.

Hazard and Safety Glow Tape




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