Corrosion Resistant Doors


Corrosion Resistant Doors

Chase CR1400 Corrosion Resistant Doors systems are designed for a virtually maintenance-free lifetime experience. They are custom designed to optimize your heavy-duty internal applications. Bolstered by an ultra-high density urethane foam core, CR1400 are resistant to scratches and dents as well as corrosive acids, petroleum products and cleaning solvents. They are widely compatible, have a broad selection of colors that will not fade, and are manufactured at industry-best speed. The CR1400 door is for interior use only.




Constructed with a 1/8” thick outer skin of rotationally molded polyethylene with an ultra high density, NON-CFC urethane foamed-in-place core. The panel can retain its properties from 30°F to 100°F continuous service, and 140°F intermittent service with temperature differences of up to 40°F. The overall thickness of the panel is 1-3/4”, yet weighs only 3.66 pounds per square foot, making it lightweight and easy to open. The sanitary surface never needs painting and cleans easily with soap and water. Available in 14 standard colors.


All doors come standard with a replaceable bottom sweep, and are available with a drop down seal. Full perimeter gasketing is available.


The CR1400 has excellent insulation qualities with an EcoMate foamed-in-place NON-CFC urethane core. Ecomate insulation is designed to be environmentally friendly; it was awarded VOC (Volatile Organic Compound or SMOG) Exempt Status by the EPA.

Design and Colors

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Additional Options


Optional high-quality stainless steel hinges mount the CR1400 securely to the frame and provide years of service. Hinge locations can be set to custom locations or to match any manufacturer’s locations.


The CR1400 door can be equipped with any hardware that is available on a standard hollow metal door, including:

  • Chrome and stainless finish passage and locksets
  • Stainless steel push/pull handles, deadbolts
  • Surface or flush bolts
  • Panic device – either a rim, mortise or surface mounted vertical rod device
  • Protective stainless edge caps and impact plates are available.
Optional window is clear, polycarbonate ora variety of glass products including laminated, tempered or wire reinforced and available in a variety of sizes. The glazing is set in your choice of stainless steel or two-piece injection-molded, low profile PVC frames. The stainless steel frames can either be surface mount or flush-mounted.
Adjustable closers with corrosion resistant finishes are available for use with the CR1400 door.
Chase offers both pultruded fiberglass frames and stainless steel frames. Either frame can be butt mounted or wrapped for most wall conditions, including insulated panel walls. The frames are available with a variety of mounting systems.

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