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Endless Creative Possibilities In Side Folding Security Doors

Durable and versatile door systems designed to enhance security in various business settings. They typically consist of hinged panels that can be folded or stacked neatly to the side when not in use, providing both security and flexibility for managing access and visibility in commercial spaces. These doors are commonly used in retail stores, airports, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, offices, community centers and multi-use recreational facilities, or any kind of public space. We have a variety of patterns, styles, materials, finishes and colors available in all of our commercial side folding door series. Curved tracks are no problem – they can all follow almost any degree of track curvature. We can also create custom solutions.

SL Paravent Aluminum Clear Anodized


Elite Series If you have enough room for a wider pocket but don’t have a lot of depth available, you’ll want the New Elite’s 30% – 40% tighter stack for your project. The New Elite also offers fewer vertical lines, and more visibility into the secured area. It’s lighter and easier to open and close, but tougher than ever. It’s the perfect solution for retrofit situations where pocket depth is an issue – or if you can’t increase the pocket but want to extend the door.

EL Paravent White Powdercoat


Slim Line Series Adapting to any pocket requirement (including curves and L-angles), the Slim Line is a great solution for any secured area. Most of the designs feature sleek vertical lines that allow maximum visibility for product display, even when the door is closed. The 5-inch stack allows you to use more space for your secured area than other doors. Fits any application: new or retrofit, counter height to full height openings up to 14 feet tall.

Slim Line Paravent Aluminum Black Anodized


EZ Series – With Pocket The EZ 4 Inch security grille includes its own steel pocket frame and anodized aluminum pocket door, eliminating the need for your contractor to build one on site. It arrives with the door already loaded in the pocket, saving installation time. Even better, the pocket is 6-inches wide, allowing it to fit flush with commercial wall studs for a visually seamless integration.


Emergency Egress Door These doors come with a few options for this important fire safety feature. Emergency doors can be seamlessly incorporated in the overall grille or closure design.

A few notes:

  • - A swing out 35 ½” x 79 ½” emergency egress fire exit is available in all models to meet strict fire code regulations.
  • - Egress doors for open air grilles are constructed with paravent panels.
  • - Egress doors for closures are constructed of corresponding curtain material.
  • - Minimum clear opening height requirement is 89.375″.

MobilFlex inc. - folding doors, rolling grilles and security closures


Rolling Security Doors The Lift Ready Roll Up Security Door is a great solution for your roll up door sizing needs. It’s available for spaces up to 24’ wide by 12’ tall. Larger dimensions can be created for custom doors. This is a great door for securing retail spaces, pharmacies, “store within a store” spaces, and counters like airport kiosks. The curtain arrives already wrapped on the barrel, and it’s ready to just lift into place for your contractors. The roll itself is also much lighter than others, making for easier handling. The Lift Ready header plate is more compact (only 15” square) than with other doors of the same size for a cleaner visual look.

Lift Ready Ventana Perforated Clear Anodized

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