Manual Hoists

Manual hoists are simple, hand-operated devices designed for lifting and lowering loads in various applications where a power source like electricity or compressed air is not available or practical. They are compact, portable, and reliable tools that require physical effort to operate. Manual hoists are often chosen for their versatility and cost-effectiveness, especially for lighter loads and occasional lifting needs.

The most common types of manual hoists include manual chain hoists and lever hoists. Manual chain hoists consist of a hand-operated chain wheel that, when rotated, raises or lowers a load. Lever hoists, on the other hand, use a lever mechanism to accomplish the same task. They are compact and can be easily carried to different work locations, making them suitable for construction, maintenance, and repair tasks.

Manual hoists are prized for their simplicity and robust construction. They are often used in situations where precise control over lifting speed and positioning is not critical, but the reliability of lifting operations is essential. While they have limitations in terms of lifting capacity and speed compared to powered hoists, manual hoists remain valuable tools in many workplaces for their affordability and reliability.

A Perfect Fit for Tight Spaces

Save time and increase efficiency with the dual-speed manual chain hoist. Reduce labour costs and operator fatigue – something your workers and your accountant will appreciate.

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