Lever Hoists

To put it simply, a lever hoist is used to lift and lower heavy loads. This lifting equipment can move loads in almost any position by cranking the lever vertically as well as horizontally. Lever hoists are perfect for lifting a boat out of a trailer, for aligning pipes and beams for welding, for tree removal or for securing equipment or smaller vehicles into a truck bed and more.

A lightweight hoist that’s anything but a lightweight.
The L5LB forged an entirely new, industry-leading benchmark by being smaller, lighter, and stronger than any other lever hoist on the market. Its proven strength and durability stand up in an endless array of gruelling applications, including environments where temperatures drop to a bone-chilling -40 ��C.

Protect your people and your investment.
With all the benefits of the standard Kito LB and also equipped with an integrated slip clutch, the LB-SC is guaranteed to help prevent injuries or damages on the job site. The slip clutch engagement is smooth and seamless with no erratic motion to make sure the load remains steady while lifting. Your people are safer and your hoist lasts longer with less down time for maintenance. That’s why the LB-SC is increasingly becoming the trusted choice for heavy industry.


Small is the new huge.

Don’t be fooled by its award winning pocket-sized design; the LX is no lightweight. Its robust integrated aluminum housing, tip supported hook latches, and heat treated gears and chain make this a small hoist that delivers huge durability and performance. And, with a 1mm lifting accuracy, the LX is capable of positioning your load exactly where you want it. Try it in either available capacity: the LX ¼t weighs in at only 4 lbs, making it the ideal lever hoist for work in tight quarters or elevated locations. Or try the LX ½t, which weighs in at only 6 lbs, for even more pulling power.

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