Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists are mechanical devices used for lifting and lowering heavy loads in various industrial and commercial settings. They operate on electricity, making them convenient and powerful tools for material handling.

The core components of an electric chain hoist include an electric motor that drives a chain wound around a drum or sprocket. When activated, the motor causes the chain to move, raising or lowering the attached load. These hoists come in a range of load capacities, from small units suitable for lighter tasks to heavy-duty models capable of lifting several tons. The lifting speed can also vary depending on the specific model.

Electric chain hoists offer several advantages over manual lifting methods. They provide precise control, reducing the risk of accidents, and are highly efficient, saving time and effort. They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and automotive maintenance to streamline material handling processes and enhance workplace safety.

Reliable and Dependable Lifting Solutions

For projects big and small, we can deliver electric chain hoists designed to meet your operational needs. You can count on these hoists to get the job done right.

The Street LX Chain Hoist

We often recommend the Street LX electric chain hoist to customers lifting lighter loads fairly frequently. The LX chain hoists are designed for bridge crane or jib crane applications, and are built to provide reliability and endurance in a wide range of applications.

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