Toilet Partitions

toilet partition is the enclosure that surrounds most toilets in public bathrooms. It’s function is to provide privacy for the person using the bathroom stall. They can come in many different types and configurations, not to mention materials.

Partition Types:

Standard: This is the kind you normally see with a 12″ gap at the bottom and sightlines at the door edge.

European: These are basically little rooms, with a much smaller gap at the bottom ( for wheelchair foot movement ) but no sightline gaps at all. Most times the bathroom partitions connect to the ceiling however they don’t always, when they don’t they are much higher than standard partitions.

Single use rooms: These are completely enclosed rooms, with no gaps or sightlines, however where you will see these most commonly are in one toilet restrooms where it’s more like a bathroom in your home than a public restroom.

The configurations for each type of bathroom can vary as well. Mainly dependent on how much traffic the restroom will receive. Smaller restrooms normally have 3 toilet stalls ( 2 standard and 1 handicap ) and if it’s a men’s room will contain 1 or 2 urinals. However they can go up to 15 stalls on each side of the door ( for a high school football restroom ) it’s all related to how much traffic that specific restroom plans on having currently and in the future.


Bathroom partition material has come a long way, from the wooden structures, brick, powder coated steel and solid plastic. The newer types of toilet partitions are more durable, waterproof in some cases and have more ability to customize for various locations.

Powder Coated Steel: These have a finish that never rusts or fades, the finish is a powder that sticks to the metal in a process called electrostatic and is cured under a heat source. Each piece contains welded corner seams and sturdy panels.

High Pressure Laminate: These are pieces of particle board sandwiched between laminate layers, bonded with resin and pressure (around 1,000 lbs. per square inch).

Solid Plastic (HDPE): First of all, HDPE is non-porous. That means not only does it not absorb odor, but they are impenetrable to moisture. Panels that never peel or get mold and mildew, resulting in a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment.

Stainless Steel: Made from 91% recycled materials and comes with a #4 brushed finish that provides a smooth, enviable appearance for any facility it resides in. Additional finishes can be applied to the restroom partitions for enhanced damage resistance, including embossed and hybrid options.

Solid Phenolic: These stalls are made from layers of kraft paper that have been infused with resin under intense pressure. The resulting plastic panel is incredibly strong, yet still lightweight, and they are built to last a very long time.

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