Bathroom Signage

Washroom signage in public bathrooms informs users where they are and what is expected of them. From the notice on the door pointing out which facility to use to reminders for employees to wash their hands, many different types of signs can be seen. We offer them all!

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In eating establishments and retail stores, washroom signage denoting cleanliness is often seen in the bathroom. The most common signs are notices instructing employees to wash their hands before returning to work. Other signs may politely ask patrons to please clean up after themselves by placing trash into approved containers. These signs can be on permanent plastic or metal attached to walls and doors.

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Freestanding folding signs and those on poles let people know when the bathroom is being cleaned.

Alpine Industries Two-Sided Fold-Out No Entry - Restroom Closed Signs,  3-Pack - Foldable Indoor and Outdoor Black on Yellow Signage - Commercial  Standing Floor Boards for Bathrooms : Industrial & Scientific -


Disabled people often need larger bathroom stalls equipped with higher toilets and grab bars for easier access. Special washroom signage indicating the facility has these accommodations can be installed. These signs have internationally recognized symbols of accessibility, easy to read, and have Braille and raised letters for use by sight-impaired people.

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