mirror is an important element in a bathroom. Aside from its reflective functionality, a mirror helps enhance the style of the room. A bathroom without a mirror looks incomplete. When buying a bathroom mirror, consider the space where the mirror will be placed, and the style of the bathroom. Have a mirror that will serve its practical and decorative purposes.

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Framed mirrors. This is one of the basic types of mirror. Framed mirrors have a wide array of styles and designs.

Medicine cabinet mirrors. These mirrors are multi-functional, having a small storage for medicines and other essentials, and a mirror on the door. A medicine cabinet mirror is a pretty basic mirror.

Ledge mirrors. Ledge mirrors, also called shadow boxes, have built-in ledges that can hold bathroom products. This is a good choice if you don’t have enough storage for your bathroom essentials.

Frameless mirrors. A frameless mirror has a buffed edge, and it is a simple mirror which is perfect for a contemporary bathroom. If you’re looking for a minimalist look, go for a frameless mirror.

Tilt mirrors. A tilt mirror is mounted to the wall with two hinged points or a fixed position. It is similar to a framed mirror but the difference lies in its flexibility.
Lighted mirrors. If the bathroom doesn’t have any windows, a lighted mirror can add the necessary illumination. Today, these lighted mirrors mimic natural light more than ever for a softer glow.


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