Landing Covers

Seamless Anti-Slip Protection for Stair Landings

Along with anti-slip step covers, consider any landing areas in the stairway. Attention must be paid to the open area and especially the leading edge. Landing covers combine a larger flat area with a vertical lip to provide seamless coverage on stair landings.

Custom-made to your specifications, our landing covers are available in fiberglass (FRP) or steel. The grit size can vary depending on your application; choose from six different grades.

Base Materials

Choose from one of the following base materials of construction, or provide your own material for direct gritting.

- 1/8 in Fiberglass (FRP) Lightweight, Impact Resistant, Cost-Effective

- Galvanized Steel 18 gauge (1.2 mm) G90 Corrosion Resistant

- Stainless Steel 18 gauge (1.2 mm) #31 Sanitary

- Heavy Duty Aluminum, 60/61 T Marine Grade Thick, Rigid, Durable

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