Curtain Enclosures

Curtain Walls can prevent companies from making a permanent mistake! Traditional rigid walls lock you into a layout and make future changes timely and costly. Curtain Walls are constructed in an adaptable, modular design that allows you to partition spaces quickly and affordably. This flexible design gives you the ability to easily reconfigure, relocate, or remove them as your facility needs change.

Curtain Enclosures

Our fabric curtain walls include options for insulated, wash-down, acoustic, blast freezer, loading dock enclosures and heavy-duty sliding varieties. In addition, we offer insulated door blankets and pallet covers. 


Whether you have conventional interior or exterior loading dock areas or an outside open-air dock, Loading Dock Enclosures can help you save energy, protect product, and improve employee comfort and safety.

Loading dock curtain walls help:

  • - Keep environmental elements out
  • - Protect your product from weather-related damage
  • - Reduce heating and cooling costs around loading dock zones
  • - Maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels

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