Warehouse Storage Systems

A warehouse racking system is a storage solution designed to stack materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. These systems can help you manage and better utilize your warehouse space while organizing cargo to streamline operations. Pallet Racking is the core of all warehouse racking systems, but additional efficiency can be gained by integrating other dynamic warehouse racking solutions such as Pushback Racking, Pallet Flow Racking, Drive-In Racking, Carton Flow Racking, and more!

Single Selective Pallet Racking - is the most commonly used pallet racking system. These systems are called “selective” because they allow users to select any pallet load from the pallet racking system without having to move any other pallets.

Selective Racking | Selective Pallet Racking | Structural Racking

Double Deep Racking - is a storage system that is halfway between adjustable pallet racking systems and compact storage systems. In double deep pallet racking, the unit loads are stored mechanically by forklifts that move along the aisles arranged in parallel to the racking systems.

Double Deep Racking | Deep Reach Rack | Warehouse Pallet Rack

Knock-Down Racking - is a bolted version of pallet racking that offers strength, flexibility and cost savings over welded racking.

Bolted Pallet Rack | Bolted Racking Systems

Very Narrow Aisle Racking - is an adaptation of standard adjustable pallet racking systems, but compacted into a very small area, creating a high-density storage system that makes it possible to increase the capacity of the warehouse without expanding the space.

Very Narrow Aisle Racking System | High Density Racking | VNA Rack

Drive-In Racking - is a series of tunnels with rails on either side at multiple levels to hold pallets. A drive in tunnel looks somewhat like a multi-level bakery cart, only a Drive In tunnel is multiple pallets in depth on any level. Lift trucks can drive into any given tunnel, to retrieve or put away pallets.

Drive In Pallet Rack | High Density Racking | KONSTANT®

Push Back Racking - is a pallet storage method that allows pallets to be stored from 2 to 6 deep on either side of an aisle, giving you higher storage density than other forms of racking.

Push Back Racking | High Density Pallet Racking | KONSTANT®

Pallet Flow Racking - is a high-density storage system where pallets are stored on rollers or roller conveyor systems. The pallets are loaded onto the rollers at the rear of the system and conveyed by gravity to the front of the system for easy unloading.

Pallet Flow Racking | Roller Rack | Hight Density FIFO Warehouse Pallet  Racking Systems |

Carton Flow Racking - is a storage method that uses wheels or rollers, as well as gravity to convey cases from one end of a rack or shelving module to the other.

Pallet & Carton Flow Racking - Gravity Flow Shelves | Metalsistem Canada

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