Fall Arrest Systems and Restraints

Safety and Hazard Prevention

Fall restraint and fall arrest systems are designed to keep workers safe as they carry out maintenance and operational tasks in high-risk areas.

We offer a standard Rigid Track Fall Protection System, or a custom-engineered Rigid Track solution to meet your requirements. It comprises a permanently installed track and free-running trolleys housed within its enclosed profile.


A fall restraint system is used by workers who need to work at the edge of a structure. The restraint prevents workers from reaching the edge of a hazard or the point where a fall occurs.


A fall arrest system is put in place to stop a worker in the likelihood of a fall to a lower level or unto an obstruction. The fall arrest system takes into account the fall clearance – the distance required to safely arrest a worker’s fall from a given height. A fall arrest system allows the worker to perform a self-rescue or to be rescued in the event of a fall.

As a preference, Met-Track® should be installed in a fall restraint configuration to minimize the possibility of a fall. In circumstances that do not allow for fall restraint, Met-Track® can be installed to provide workers with the ultimate fall arrest protection.

The complete product line includes:

Ceiling Mounted Monorails: provide a permanent fall arrest solution without the need of a floor mounted structure. This leaves the floor area free for other purposes such as storage and production.

Inverted ‘L’ Free Standing Monorails: provide independent, permanent fall arrest solutions over long spans in areas where there are no existing support structures. Foundation-mounted, reinforced W-Beam steel columns and arms support the SAFETRACK® monorail at heights of up to 28ft.

T-Frame Monorails: utilize a single row of columns to support two parallel fall arrest monorails providing double the fall arrest capability without the need for additional support. Extensively used in outdoor environments for the transportation industry.

Inverted U Monorails: an Inverted U system comprises two steel columns connected at the top by a support beam from which a monorail is suspended. Typically, the monorail is suspended centrally along the beam. However, it can be offset to obtain the desired position while utilizing the most suitable column positions, which is ideal when working around existing obstructions. Inverted U systems are used across many industries where floor mounted systems are necessary.

Single Post System: provides independent, permanent fall arrest solutions for areas where numerous obstacles exist or in areas where multi-column supported systems aren’t possible.

Swing Arm System: typically provides a permanent fall arrest solution for areas where overhead cranes and fall arrest systems share the same space. Swing arm systems provide circular/semi-circular coverage within a limited footprint and when not in use can be moved out of the way so as not to cause an obstruction.

Fold Away Systems: provide an effective, fixed path fall arrest solution when the arms are fully extended and conveniently fold away when not in use. Systems can be supplied as independent, floor mounted systems or can be mounted to existing columns or walls. Motorized arm rotation is available and is generally required on longer/multiple bay systems.

Traveling Bridge System: are ideal for facilities where coverage of large areas is required such as aircraft hangers and large production and processing plants.

Track & Trolley Types: In addition to our range of standard systems, SAFETRACK®  track and trolley types can be tailored to meet your needs.

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