Fall Arrest Lanyards

Pack-style energy-absorbing lanyards.
There are two different types of lanyards: Positioning lanyards which control where you’re physically able to move to in order to keep you from entering a fall hazard zone, and shock absorbing lanyards which contain an energy-absorbing unit to limit fall arrest forces in the case of a fall.
Tie-back lanyards.
When choosing a connecting device like a lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline (SRL), it’s important to consider the conditions of your work environment. From harsh marine and mining, oil and gas and everything in between, getting the best use out of a connecting device depends on selecting the right products for the application and your environment.
Lanyards for foot tie-off.
Your lanyard is your lifeline and Equipment World works with some of the best names in the business because keeping you safe is the most important thing we can do and we need to know that we're providing you with the best equipment possible.

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