Heights Rescue - Platform Evacuation


*Available in our Sault Ste. Marie location.

Most industrial rescue training programs typically teach students the skills and techniques for retrieving a worker suspended in a fall arrest system. However, another aspect of industrial rescue to consider is emergency descents. Depending on the work environment, some workers may need to evacuate an elevated work platform should hazardous conditions arise.

This half-day training program will educate students on the fundamentals of self-rescue and the basic techniques used to evacuate from an elevated work platform. Participants will learn course content through a combination of direct instruction, workbook exercises, and two ‘hands-on’ skills workshops. Course participants are those who may be required to perform an emergency evacuation from an elevated work platform. The course material will provide students with an engaging, enjoyable, and effective learning environment.

Fall Protection training (minimum Authorized Person Essentials) is required prior to participating in this course.


  • Regulatory requirements
  • Rescue planning and preparation
  • Scene assessment
  • Auto descent systems
  • Manual descent systems
  • Harness pack descent systems
  • Self-rescue techniques