Chainsaw Operation, Safety & Awareness

This full-day program is for individuals who may be responsible for operating a chainsaw every day, or occasionally.

Training courses include both classroom and practical (hands-on) segments, review/recap of materials discussed, question & answer periods and a written evaluation.  Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate and record of training.

PPE: Foot, hand, leg, eye, ear and head protection is mandatory to participate. Chainsaw chaps can be provided to participants for training.

Designed and trained by a Certified Utility Arborist with Skilled Trades Ontario, this course will guide chainsaw operators as the first step in their cutting journey.

Consider this course the foundation upon which you will build your experience and further your training.

We will cover everything from; what a chainsaw is and how it works to the specific care and maintenance and proper ground use.

Logs already on ground are required for practical portion.

*Tree felling is considered advanced and is not a part of this course.


Below are the topics of the course that will be covered:


  1. Chainsaw Basics
  2. Types of Controls
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Hazards
  5. Major Hazards
  6. Maintenance
  7. Getting Ready to Cut
  8. Cutting
  9. Practical Training