Genie Z-45 XC
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Articulating Booms
45' Platform Height

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The Genie® Z®-45 XC™ boom is the redesigned Xtra Capacity™ version of the popular rough-terrain Genie Z-45/25 J RT diesel powered articulating boom. And, it is the first Genie XC articulated boom model, boasting the benefits of a dual-envelope design to provide an unrestricted platform capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) and a restricted capacity of 1,000 lb (454 kg), to be introduced to the market. New on this unit, it can be outfitted with the new Genie Lift Power welder/generator system that enables the ability for operators to lift and drive during operation. Also, this Genie XC model is designed with an updated oscillate system that improves terrainability and boasts faster response time.



  •  660-lb (300 kg)unrestricted/1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted dual platform capacity comes standard
  • Optimized boom structure and new jib designed for Genie XC models
  • Load sense technology for accurate load weighing and zero-load field calibration
  • Maximum working height of 51 ft 6 in (15.9 m) with 24 ft 7 in (7.5 m) of up-and-over clearance at the platform
  • Rough terrain capabilities include 45% gradeability
  • New Genie Lift Power™ welder/generator system optional
  • Updated oscillate system boasts faster response time
  • Commonality in design and accessories with other Genie booms for easy parts stocking


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Z®-45 XC™  
Working Height* 51 ft 6 in (15.86 m)
Platform Height 45 ft 6 in (13.86 m)
Horizontal Reach 24 ft 9 in (7.55 m)
Up and Over Clearance 23 ft 8 in (7.22 m)
Lift Capacity 660/1000 lbs (300/454 kg)**

* Imperial measurements of working height add 6 ft to platform height. The metric equivalent adds 2 m to platform height.
** Maximum outreach zone / maximum capacity zone.