Toyota 05-8FBM30T

Electric Pneumatic Forklift

IC Power in an Electric

With high-load capacity capabilities, pneumatic tires and zero emissions, the Toyota Electric Pneumatic forklift is an environmentally-friendly outdoor solution.


  • 0



  • 11

    MPH travel speed


  • 83

    FPM lift speed

360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability & Value

  • UL-E Conformity
  • 80 Volt Electrical System
  • 3-way Hydraulic control valve
  • Digital multifunction display
  • Regenerative Braking
  • AC Controller with MOSFET Design
  • Transistor Controlled AC Lift & Drive Motors

Ease of Service

  • AC drive motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • AC Hydraulic motor (no brushes or commutator)
  • Easy access no-tools floorboard
  • Battery compartment hood assist
  • Planned Maintenance Indicator
  • Can-bus controller wiring

Continued Performance

According to recent studies by Peerless Research Group, more and more forklift owners plan to keep their forklifts for 10+ years! Just like a car, truck or other motorized asset, periodic maintenance, service and upkeep is required, even under normal operating conditions, to keep your Toyota Electric Pneumatic Forklift operating to peak performance. It is not uncommon for Toyota forklift owners to well exceed 10 years of use, as long as the forklift is properly maintained. Paired with a Planned Maintenance (PM) Plan, the Electric Pneumatic Forklift can be an asset for your company for years to come.

A Focus on Safety

"Safe Work is 'the gate' to all work. Let us pass through this gate."

Eiji Toyoda , Former Toyota Senior Managing Director

Operator Comfort & Productivity

“Workers are treasure of the factory. They are important to me.”

Sakichi Toyoda , Founder of Toyota

Electric Pneumatic Forklift Ergonomics

  • ORS Non-Suspension vinyl seat
  • Retractable Seat Belt (Non-Clinching)
  • Heavy-duty non-slip floor mat
  • Memory tilt steering column