Classen - Serious Lawn Care Made Easy

Classen… Serious Lawn Care Made Easy

For more than 35 years, professional landscapers and homeowners alike have trusted the Classen brand to help transform and maintain their landscapes. And for good reason. At Classen, we make serious lawn care easy.  We pride ourselves on innovation, manufacturing cutting-edge, durable and easy-to-use equipment that our customers feel comfortable operating and that truly make the tough job of lawn and turf care easier.

We’re serious about simplicity and making lawn care easy for everybody. Classen equipment is built with the professional in mind, with quality components, productivity features and service and maintenance ease. And designed to make the most novice user feel like a pro, with simplified control mechanisms, clear setting and adjustment levers and folding handles for transport and storage ease.

In short, if you’re a professional, you’ll be able to perform serious lawn care services and make serious money with our equipment. If you’re a first-time equipment user, you’ll find that we’ve made it easy for you to achieve professional results.


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