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The AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift is one of the most versatile tools on the market. Its adaptable design can be used for facilities maintenance, installation, construction, and more. With working heights of up to 38 feet and the capability to fit through a doorway, the maneuverable and agile E-Series Scissor Lift is a dependable tool for many tasks.


We make construction equipment with the flexibility you need to reach high jobs and high standards. Check out these top features of the AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift.

  • - Durable construction: Steel-constructed panels and powder-coated paint make the E-Series Scissor Lifts built to last.
  • - Platform extension: Additional platform length allows operators to safely reach across fixed objects.
  • - Tilt alarm: Alerts operators to unsafe working conditions and limits platform movement until safe operation is restored.
  • - Fold-down guardrails: Folding guardrails allow for larger models to pass through doorways and under other low obstacles.
  • - Dual operational modes: Additional operating modes provide increased platform capacity at lower heights for flexible use.
  • - Upper control box: Flexible operation controls offers two mounting positions or remote use while off of the scissor lift.


AICHI products are engineered with the greatest care in order to promote durability, reliability, and adaptability. Engineer Takumi Kawano illustrated AICHI’s commitment to your needs as he developed the AICHI E-Series Scissor Lift for the North American market. His team created machines with longer utility life and versatile design that make AICHI Scissor Lifts your best choice for meeting maintenance, construction, and utility challenges.



Standard features of the Aichi Scissor Lift help meet operators' safety needs. Pothole protectors reduce ground clearance of the scissor lift and limit unwanted movement if the vehicle is driven into a hole while the platform is elevated. An anti-rollback function keeps the lift in place if stopped on a ramp, and controlled descent automatically slows the unit down when travelling down a grade.

All AICHI scissor lifts also come standard with a tilt alarm, drive and lift cut out, and reduced travel speed when the platform is elevated to further promote your operator’s safety.

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