Skidsteer Operator Safety Training

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Each course meets all relevant government and industry standards and all trainers have been certified.  Training courses include both classroom and practical (hands-on) segments, review/recap of materials discussed, question & answer periods and a written evaluation.  Upon successful completion, each participant receives a certificate and record of training.

Training can be conducted at our on site multimedia facilities or at individual customer worksites.  Customized courses to meet individual company needs are available upon request.








Track Loader Training



Length of Course: approximately 6 hours



to familiarize operators (new or experienced) on all aspects of safe Skid Steer operation.

In Class Topics Include:
  • Review OHSA and Ontario Regulations
  • Review Operator’s Responsibilities & Operator’s Manual 
  • Machine Orientation and Controls
  • Stability Principles & Center of Gravity
  • Pre-operation Inspection
  • Safe Operation & Refueling Practices
Practical Training Topics Include:
  • Pre-operation Inspection
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Practical Skills Evaluation
  • Recognizing Hazards During Operation
  • Safe Handling of Loads
  • Parking and Shut Down Procedures
  • Proficiency Demonstrations

All material covered in this course can be specifically tailored to include the equipment used at individual work sites.