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Rapid Roll & Portable Safety Zone

Introducing the Revolutionary Rapid Roll System

Rapid Roll is the revolutionary tool that allows you to easily set up, take down, protect and re-use your barrier fencing material. Say goodbye to frustrating piles of wasted fencing and time-consuming setup and takedown and say hello to saving time, effort and money.

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Rapid Roll units are molded with MDPE to ensure they will withstand rough handling and extreme weather conditions.


One person can pull the material out of the Rapid Roll with ease.


Simply crank the handle in a clockwise manner and watch as the barrier fencing neatly rolls back into the Rapid Roll cartridge. There may be times when you will find it easier to wind up the roll by removing the cartridge from the base, resting the foot end on the ground and then winding in a semi horizontal position.


The handles on the side of the unit serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they can be used to carry RapidRoll and also for mounting on the optional base. Secondly, the handles serve as receptors to link-up the lead end of the barrier fencing. RapidRoll allows you to connect multiple units while maintaining its fast and simple approach to the set up and take-down process.


The internal shaft is fitted with (3) wrap around clips that are used to connect the end of the fencing to the crank shaft. To connect simply hook the end of the fencing into the clip and start to roll. To remove simply unwind the roll and un-clip from the cranking shaft.



Portable Safety: Anywhere…anytime.

Never worry about wasting time setting up barriers again! The IronGuard Portable Safety Zone is completely portable and covers up to 100’, meaning there is never a need to skimp on safety. The fact that it’s easily portable means that it is also well-suited for temporary uses. It’s quick and simple to bring it out, set it up and get on with the task at hand. The barrier is compact, transportable and fitted with wheels, making it easy to roll out wherever it’s needed. There is no longer a need to mark a potential safety hazard with orange cones & yellow tape. With the new barrier system, simply wheel out the self-contained system, set the bases and posts exactly where you need them, and lock the orange fencing in place. The result is much more effective than cones, much more visible than tape and much safer for your team. View Product Literature.

 Quickly create a safe and complete visual barrier zone in virtually unlimited indoor applications.

• Easily transportable.

• Simple setup and take-down.

• Slim design takes little space and allows for easy storage.


• The Portable Safety Zone design utilizes features representing the breakthrough in ‘ease of use’ barrier systems.

• Robust construction in ‘safety orange’ powder coated steel.

• Light weight and balanced for easy transportation by one operator.

• The Portable Safety Zone comes complete with 100’ safety orange fencing, 4 posts, 4 rubber base pads and 4 magnetic fence clips.

• The unique fence locking system ensures a sturdy fence assembly.

• Easily fits through 30” doorways.

• Suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications on smooth surfaces.

• LED beacons create a clear awareness of the Portable Safety Zone location in low light conditions.


PSZ-SLM Complete Portable Safety Zone - Machine Maintenance Post and Base
Magnetic Fence Clips For Maintenance For Hazards