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Wacker Neuson HI900


HI900 Skid Mounted Indirect Fired Air Heater

The most versatile, robust indirect fired air heaters producing clean, moisture free air for various heating and drying applications. The HI900 is easy to set-up and simple to operation making these units extremely user friendly, and can operate on diesel, natural gas or propane for maximum job site convenience. All models are CSA certified.

  • Indirect fired air heaters produce clean, dry, healthy heat offering an ideal environment for a variety of construction, residential and restoration applications without the use of an open flame, combustion carbons or water.
  • The unique Recircul-Air design allows adjustable recirculation of warm inside air, while pressurizing with fresh air, resulting in fuel savings and even temperatures.
  • Industry leading for heat delivery in its class, boasting up to 878,000 Btu/hr and up to 6,450 cubic feet per minute, the HI 900 also features a static pressure gauge, helping maximize heat delivery and avoid output air restrictions.
  • Optional “plug and play” burners can easily be swapped between diesel and NG/LP and units feature extra-large burner compartment for ideal service access or simple burner conversion.
  • Designed for maximum mobility with integrated forklift pockets and a single lift point, the HI900 is able to fit through a 36" door opening.


  HI900D HI900G


L x W x H Overall in 139 x 47 x 77 139 x 47 x 77
L x W x H Shipping in 151 x 50 x 84 151 x 50 x 84
Weight without Fuel lb 2,567 2,874
Operating weight with Fuel lb 3,400 2,550

Operating data 

Diameter Air Outlets (qty 2) in 20 20
Diameter Air Outlets (qty 2) in 16 16
Diameter Air Outlets (qty 4) in 12 12
Diameter Air Inlet (qty 2) in 20 20
Heating power Heat Input BTU/h 878,000 850,000
Heat efficiency  % 83 83
Operating temperature Air Temperature Rise ° F 108 108
Capacity Sizing Air Heat ft³ 1,214,500 1,214,500
Capacity Drying Size ft³ 432,230 432,230
Fuel type  Diesel NG / LP
Fuel consumption Burner Diesel US gal/h 6.1  
Fuel consumption (liquid propane) Burner (NG) ft³/h   850
Fuel consumption Burner (LP) US gal/h   8.19
Operating performance Burner hp 0.33 0.33
at rpm Burner rpm 3,450 3,450
Tank capacity Burner US gal 103  
Runtime Burner (100%) h 16.9  
Runtime Burner (75%) h 22.5  
Engine / Motor type Blower Centrifugal Centrifugal
Power Blower hp 5 5
RPM / speed Blower rpm 3,450 3,450
Air flow  CFM 6,447 6,447
Static Pressure  W.C. (inch) 2 2
Length Max Duct - 2 x 20in Supply ft 200 200
Length Max Duct - 2 x 16in Supply ft 100 100
Length Max Duct - 4 x 12in Supply ft 100 100
Length Max Duct - 2 x 20in Return ft 50 50