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Wacker Neuson HI770XHD GD


Safe heat for Oil and Gas Exploration

The HI770XHD Air Heater with Gas Detection System is designed for safe heat on your Oil and Gas Exploration sites. Our Gas Detection System continually samples the surrounding air for methane, and safely disables the heater before an explosive level of methane can be reached. With the highest in-class heat rise at 250 °F, a 256 gallon fuel tank, 3,000 hour oil change service intervals and a triple threat spill containment system; the HI770 XHD with Gas Detection is a safe and cost effective alternative to flameless heat. Machines are CSA certified.

  • Combustible Gas Detection System is offered for improved jobsite safety in potentially volatile environments, shutting down the heater in the presence of hydrocarbon vapors.
  • The DURA-GEN extended run technology offered on the HI770XHD, minimizes oil changes to every 3000 hours (125 days).
  • The durable heat exchanger is made from 100% 309 stainless steel and comes standard with a 5-year warranty.
  • Unique Recircul-Air design allows adjustable recirculation of warm inside air, resulting in huge fuel savings and even temperatures.
  • The HI770XHD is an extra heavy duty indirect fired air heater designed to run 24/7, down to -60°F.



L x W x H Overall 187 x 94 x 88 in
L x W x H Shipping 187 x 94 x 88 in
Weight without Fuel 5,700 lb
Operating weight with Fuel 7,543 lb
Ground clearance  13 in

Operating data 

Diameter Flue 9 in
Diameter Air Outlets (qty 1) 20 in
Diameter Air Outlets (qty 1) 16 in
Diameter Air Outlets (qty 2) 12 in
Diameter Air Inlet (qty 1) 20 in
Heating power Heat Input 770,000 BTU/h
Heat efficiency  75 %
Operating temperature Air Temperature Rise 240 ° F
Capacity Sizing Air Heat 962,500 ft³
Capacity Drying Size 342,527 ft³
Fuel type  Diesel
Fuel consumption Burner 5.5 US gal/h
Operating performance Burner 0.25 hp
at rpm Burner 3,450 rpm
Tank capacity Burner Fuel 235.5 US gal
Runtime Burner (100%) 43 h
Runtime Burner (75%) 57 h
Engine / Motor type Blower Centrifugal
Power Blower 3 hp
RPM / speed Blower 1,725 rpm
Air flow  4,000 CFM
Static Pressure  4 W.C. (inch)
Length Max Duct - 1 x 20in Supply 200 ft
Length Max Duct - 1 x 16in Supply 150 ft
Length Max Duct - 2 x 12in Supply 75 ft
Length Max Duct - 1 x 20in Return 200 ft

Electrical system 

Engine / Motor type Generator Marathon 282CSL
Engine performance Generator 16 kW
RPM / speed Generator 1,800 rpm
Frequency Generator 60 Hz
Voltage Generator 120 V
Current Service 20 A
Current Max 8.3 A
Receptacles  15A, 120V Duplex
Receptacles  N/A

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  4-Cycle, 3-Cylinder - Liquid Cooled
Engine / Motor Manufacturer Kubota
Engine performance  16.9 hp
Displacement  67 in³
at rpm  1,800 rpm
Fuel type  Diesel
Tank capacity Useable Fuel 235.5 US gal
Fuel consumption Useable 5.84 US gal/h
Runtime w/ genset (100%) 40 h