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Wacker Neuson GPS6600A


Rugged and powerful premium portable power


Designed for construction, rental and other demanding applications, these quiet, high-performance, portable generators deliver unmatched tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged compact package. Excellent for powering single or multiple tools on an entire job site or as emergency or standby power. Built with heavy-duty frames and premium components to provide long, trouble-free operation even in abusive environments. Ideal for powering high starting amperage tools such as compressors, grinders, fusion welders as well as all your Wacker Neuson electric power tools.

  • Best in class tool starting and voltage regulation due to a unique step-start generator technology with AVR (automatic voltage regulation) and separate excitation winding.
  • Central GFCI (neutral bonded to ground) sensor system eliminates common GFI outlet failures while offering personal protection on all receptacles including 240 Volt.
  • Unique auto-idle control with time delay system automatically reduces the engine to a low speed reducing fuel consumption, noise and wear.
  • Full wrap-around frame with dual cross-member support, high impact polyethylene fuel tank and heavy duty shock-mounting combine to provide outstanding impact protection.
  • Honda engine with low oil shutdown and electric start. Fully compliant with the latest EPA evaporative emissions regulations.




L x W x H Overall 34.25 x 21 x 21.2 in
L x W x H Shipping 28 x 27 x 23.2 in
Weight Dry 213 lb
Shipping weight without Fuel 218 lb

Operating data 

Operating weight with Fuel 243 lb
Circuit breaker AC - 1 Phase 2 Pole 27 A
Receptacles AC Outlet (2) 125V, 20A Duplex
Receptacles AC Outlet 125/ 250V, 30A Twst Loc
Receptacles AC Outlet 125V, 30A Twist Lock

Electrical system 

Electrical power Max. Output 6,600 W
Electrical power Continuous Power 6,000 W
Voltage AC - 1 Phase 120/ 240 V
Current AC - 1 Phase 50/ 25 A
Frequency  60 Hz
Power factor  1 cos Φ 1~
Generator model  AVR With Brushes
Power Rating Specification  SAE J1349

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor  Honda
Engine / Motor manufacturer  GX390RT2
Cylinder  1
Displacement  23.7 in³
Operating performance  11.7 kW
RPM / speed Operating 3,600 rpm
Tank capacity Oil 1.2 US qt
Tank capacity Fuel 5 US gal
Fuel type  Gasoline
Fuel consumption  1 US gal/h
Runtime  4.8 h