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Wacker Neuson DPU 100-70le

DPU 100-70le

Continuously variable speed means precise work

The 100 kN centrifugal force turns the DPU 100-70Les into the most powerful walk-behind vibratory plate in the market; a real powerhouse. Thanks to continuously variable speed for both advance and reverse travel, the DPU 100-70Les can be operated easily and with precision even in difficult areas. That makes it ideal for large areas with many obstacles, where exact work around the edges is a must. Finishing with a smaller device is no longer necessary.

  • The speed of the vibratory plate can be adjusted progressively with the push a button, for instance when working around bridge piers or along curb edges.
  • Inching on hard surfaces can be carried out without risk of damage.
  • On the spot compaction: Consistent compaction can be achieved at the touch of a button – with continuously adjustable compaction force.
  • Excellent safety standard: If there is a loss of control, the device automatically goes into safe operating mode.
  • Extremely low HAV values: less than 2.5 m/s²


Operating data 

Operating weight with extension plates 1,653.5 lb
Centrifugal force  22,031 lbf
Base plate size (W x L) 27.6 x 42.2 in
Base plate thickness  0.55 in
Height (without guide handle) 35.8 in
Operating width (without extension plates) 28.2 in
Operating width (with extension plates) 34.3 in
Frequency  56 Hz
Advance travel max. (depending on soil & environmental factors) 98.4 ft/min
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil & environmental factors) 13,874.8 ft²/h

Engine / Motor 

Engine / Motor type  Air-cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine with electric starter as standard.
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Kohler
Engine / Motor  12 LD 477-2
Displacement  58.2 in³
at rpm  3,000 rpm
Operating performance max. (DIN ISO 3046) 19.8 hp
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) 13.5 hp
at rpm  2,870 rpm
Fuel consumption  0.85 US gal/h
Tank capacity (fuel) 7.9 US qt
Power transmission  From drive engine via gear pump and hydraulic motor to exciter.
Fuel type  Diesel