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Authorized Dealers: Mizer

Stelterr Factory Direct was established by Terry Town in 1989, when he moved to Calgary to serve a growing storage market. In 1998 Stelterr began manufacturing Mizer Mobile Systems, The Reliable Name in Compact Storage, and has since grown to serve all of North America through our established dealer network.

Today Stelterr Factory Direct offers innovative solutions for a vast array of storage applications, from health care, business, and legal storage needs, to automotive parts departments, industrial warehouses, and golf bag storage, Stelterr offers its dealers the unique opportunity to distribute a wealth of in-stock products, and the exclusive Lifetime warranted Mizer Mobile System.

For more information on Mizer products, please feel free to check the Mizer website.

Mizer offers four very distinct shelving units:

Mizer Moblie Shelving

Colorado Manual Mobile Shelving

Quicksilver Light Duty Mobile Shelving

Aisle-Saver Electric Mobile Shelving


The Benifts of Using Mizer is S.P.A.C.E.


Save up to 50% of your space by reducing wasted aisle space


Increase workflow efficiency with on-site storage


Provide instant visible access to stored materials


Secure materials and restrict access to authorized personnel


Reduce your storage footprint and have a green impact


Mizer Brochures & Swatches

Mizer BrochureEnd of Panel SwatchesAisle-Saver BrochureSteel Shelving SwatchMizer Swatches

Mizer Mobile Shelving

Mizer was established in 1998 and is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Mizer’s edge in compact mobile shelving comes from its standard Lifetime Warranty, its long term reliability, and being made in North America.

The exclusive Lifetime Warranty is a value added benefit that is included. Extra warranties and service packages are not required, keeping prices competitive, and ensuring a no hassle, turn-key solutions. Mizer’s unparalleled reliability comes from quality parts, construction, and innovations like our self-tightening chain drive system. North American construction eliminates extra lead time, reduces shipping costs, and ensures that best practices are followed during construction.

Mizer Mobile Shelving


 image How Mizer can Maximize Your Storage Capacity

 image How Mizer can Minimize Storage Footprint



The Mizer Advantage

Surface Mount or Deck
Mount options
Since every application is different, you have the option of having your Mizer system mounted directly on your existing floor, or on a raised deck. Your consultant can recommend your most economical and appropriate solution.
The Lowest Overall
System Height
Mizer’s lower system height boasts better ergonomics for staff, easier access, higher capacity and allows our system to be installed in more places with hanging beams and overhead sprinkler systems. It’s the box-frame carriage design that gives it greater strength than competing systems without the minimum 4″ channel walls.
Longer lasting Balanced
Drive system
The Mizer Balanced Drive spreads power evenly to both ends of the system, so the crank end isn’t “dragging” the opposite. This eliminates torquing, stress on the joints, and components, and is one part of what makes Mizer “The Reliable Name in Compact Storage.”
The Reliability of Needing Virtually
no Service
Mizer mechanical mobiles are equipped with the industry’s first Self-Tightening Chain. This eliminates the need for access panels and costly routine maintenance.
Safety and Beauty Mizer end panels incorporate metal radius edged panel bars that ensure operator safety when closing an aisle, protect the finish of the shelving and end panels, and increase design flexibility.
The Industry Leading Mizer
Lifetime Warranty
No other system boasts as comprehensive a warranty as Mizer Mobiles.

Colorado Manual Mobile Shelving

Colorado manual mobile shelving by Mizer is an innovative and economical storage system. Mounted on Mizer’s box-frame carriage, Colorado mobiles allow shelving to be closely packed when access is not required, but can be pushed and pulled to create an aisle when needed. By eliminating the need for permanent aisle space, Colorado systems can occupy a smaller storage footprint, or increase storage capacity when compared to typical static shelving.

Colorado Manual Mobile Shelving


Industry Leading Life Time Warranty  

As a reflection of our unwavering commitment to quality, Mizer offers the industry leading Lifetime Warranty so you have complete peace of mind. It’s included in the price of your system, so your long term costs are the lowest. Don’t accept 5 years or even 10 years! Demand Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Steel Tube Carriage2

Industry Leading Box Frame Carriage  

Mizer uses Box Frame carriages, where other systems use “C” channel carriages. Box Frame chassis have higher bending and torsional stiffness, making Mizer stronger at a lower profile so you can further maximize your shelf space, fit the system under fire sprinklers, and reach higher shelves without a stool or ladder.

Mizer Dual Flanged Wheel

Industry Leading 100% Guide Wheels  

All Mizer systems use 100% dual flanged guide wheels to ensure units won’t derail. Don’t settle for inferior systems with combinations of single flanged or non-guided glide wheels.


Made in Canada

We’ve been proudly building Mizer Mobiles since 1998. Our Mizer manufacturing team boasts the ultimate commitment to safety and quality.

Quicksilver Light Duty Mobile Shelving

Quicksilver Light Duty Mobile Shelving

Quicksilver Mobile Compact Storage systems are a lightweight line of Mizer mobiles. Manufactured to Mizer specifications, Quicksilver is built with aluminum carriages which are strong and light, and boasts the reliability of Mizer mechanical components. Quicksilver is an excellent solution for weight restricted areas which need to maximize capacity, and comes with Mizer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Save Money & Space with Quicksilver

  • Set Up: Installation is 30% faster than standard systems
  • Flexibility: Quicksilver can be made to fit any size shelving or cabinet
  • Expansion: Can be expanded without cumbersome unloading and dismantling
  • Relocation: No floor modifications are necessary, allowing quick and painless relocation
  • Maintainance: While engineered for lighter duty applications, Quicksilver is built to withstand heavy duty use
  • Shipping: Modular construction and lightweight materials reduce freight costs and delivery times

Aisle-Saver Electric Mobile Shelving

Aisle-Saver Electric Mobile Shelving

Aisle-Saver combines the space saving innovation of Compact Mobiles with the convenience of and electric drive system. Aisle-Saver Mobiles can be tailored to suit any room and storage capability. Simple, intuitive touch screen controls are standard, and the system and can be password locked for secure access.

Aisle-Saver is a leader in electric mobile safety with features such as light curtains and sweeps which stop the system when they detect movement. They are eco-friendly thanks to its Soft Start technology- drawing only 12 volts for a one-seventh horsepower motor- capable of operating an entire loaded system.

Why Aisle-Saver?

  • Electric
    • Fast, convenient access
    • Intuitive touch controls
  • Secure
    • Set password protections
    • Control access by locking sensitive mobiles
  • Safe
    • State-of-the-art emergency stop systems
    • Light sweep, curtain sensors, and wheel rotation monitors
    • Sophisticated entry and exit tracking
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Exclusive Soft-Start Technology is efficient and smooth
    • Only 12V Power draw on entire system
    • 1/7th Horsepower motor (2% that of a typical lawn mover)
  • Battery Backed up
    • In case of power outage, access and workflow are uninterrupted
  • Customizable Aesthetics
    • Variety of steel colours
    • Various end panel finishes
    • Corporate logos installed on touch screen