Why Big Joe ?

Our lift trucks are designed for simplicity making them easy to use, and highly reliable

Big Joe forklifts utilize best of class standard components rather than expensive proprietary systems

AC electric forklift technology on our new models = superior run-time and operating speeds

AC electric forklift technology on our new models = fewer moving parts & lower maintenance

Our walk behind electric forklifts typically have lower operating costs than any other type of lift truck

Supplementing your fleet with stackers improves equipment utilization and reduces overall cost

Walk behind electric forklifts require less space to operate than other types of lift trucks

Walkie forklifts keep employees focused and active which improves health, safety and productivity

Optional remote control pendants can turn a Big Joe stacker into a mobile ergonomic work positioner

Walkie forklifts small size make them well suited for many manufacturing support functions

Big Joe electric forklifts can be tailored to meet the unique needs of many special applications

Our forklifts can be programmed to run at reduced speeds to enhance precision and safety

Many Big Joe forklift models and components are made in the USA at our factory in Wisconsin

Big Joe electric forklifts promote a cleaner and safer work environment than internal combustion trucks

Electric lift trucks provide for smooth accurate operation which can reduce possible product damage

Fill rates on Big Joe forklift parts are some of the highest in the industry


Why Big Joe ? ... You can pay more, but you won't get a better truck.