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Featured Product: LiftPod by JLG

JLG LiftPod Work Platform - It's time to let go of the ladder.™

Safety is essential for any job. The safer your work environment, the higher your productivity … and the lower your costs. Because it only takes one accident for extra work and fines to pile up.

Now you can focus on the job, not the risk. The LiftPod® aerial work platform features an enclosed carriage and secure platform that can help keep you stable as high as 14 feet. It provides a 360-degree range of motion so you can use both hands to get the job done. And with the LiftPod’s lightweight and portable design, your next job is never far away.  Contact Equipment World for an on-site demo or for more information!

 It's Time to Let Go of the Ladder... this is funny!

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LiftPod General
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