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Importance of Training Summer Employees



During the Summer months, many employers look to students and other young workers to augment their workforce during the summer holiday period. If you are one of the thousands of Canadian workplaces considering hiring summer students it is important that even before they come on board that they are properly trained and equipped for the job.  Each year hundreds of young workers are injured on the job and in some instances seriously. Some of these students are even killed, often becoming the victims of a lack of work experience and fundamental safety skills.

If you are considering employing new workers and/or students for the summer months, it is important that you ensure they are given the kind of training and protective equipment needed to get the job done safely.  Ultimately the responsibility to keep young workers safe is shared between the employer and the worker themselves. It is important that both work together to ensure young employees are: using or wearing any equipment, protective devices or clothing required for the job, and that they are aware of their responsibility to report to the employer or supervisor any missing, broken or defective equipment or other hazard in the workplace in addition to any violation of health and safety law that they might recognize.image

Most companies that hire young workers now have formalized training programs in place whereby these summer employees are given a complete safety training explaining the relevant provincial, federal or territorial health and safety rules, all plant health and safety rules in addition to what kinds of personal protective equipment should be worn and why.

Ensure your employees are armed with knowledge this season.

Equipment World offers training courses on a regular basis at all three branch locations. We offer site specific training or open enrollment courses in the EWI Training Rooms.

For more information about our courses or for a list of upcoming open enrollment classes and dates, Click Here.